The Submission date of online - admission form in PG, Session-2014-15 has been extended till 25/04/2015.
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      Principal's Mission
    Our mission is to impart value added and job oriented education to our students, with emphasis on morality and ethics. The students who mostly come from rural background are from downtrodden families. We train them in such a way that they can meet the global challenges of the persent day.With this objective in mind we have started vocational/professional courses in our college like BBA....                                Read More
    Dr. Ram Jalam Sharma
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    आरा शहर में ब्रह्म्षी समाज के स्थानीय गणमान्य व्यक्तियों के पहली बैठक जनवरी १९७० में श्री राम सुंदर राय , अधिवक्ता के निवास स्थानपर हुई और उसमे सर्वश्री प्रो० दरोगा चौधरी, प्रो० लालमोहर राय, प्रो० बलराम शर्मा, प्रो० धर्मराज राय,  Read More
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    S.B.College, Ara
    Maullabag  , Ara (Arrah)
    Bhojpur , Bihar  , 0
    Email :
    Country :   India
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          Important Points  
    Time Determined for the guardian :
    The guardian can meet with the Principal on every working days between 1:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. At the time of emergency they can contact at working hours.
    Student Freeship :
    Student freeship is given to the student,  on the basis of "Merit-Cum-Poverty". This freeship is decided by the teachers of the committee. The information regarding freeship is made available through Notice-Board and students of every class/std can submit that form within the days alloted to them. The freeship form can be collected from college-office. The full freeship is given to the 12.5% students out of the total number of the students.
    Scholarship :
    From time to time the state govt. allots the funds to the university for the various scholrship. These scholorships are based on "Merit cum-Poverty" under UGC scheme the scholorship is awarded to OBC, Physical handicaped, SC & ST category. The information regarding these scholarships are made available through Notice-Board.
    Reward/Remuneration :
    These is also a provision for the award of students mimic-character, through this we encourage their study capacity, politeness, discipline etc.
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